Application Checklist

Before proceeding with you application, please make sure that you have the following information to hand. This will ensure that the Recruitment Team are provided with all the information required to thoroughly understand your skills and experience in order to suitably review and consider your application.

  • Your full address details including your postcode
  • Your current contact number, please use a mobile number where possible
  • Your personal email address, please note that all email correspondance relating to your application will be sent to this email address
  • A copy of your current CV which should include the following
    • Full details of your educational background:
      The name of the educational establishment
      The study dates
      The subject studied and the grades attained
      Any professional qualifications or courses attended
    • Your previous employment history to include:
      Each employers name
      The employers full address
      The position that you held
      The dates of employment
      Your reason for leaving previous employment or seeking new employment
  • A pre prepared statement that fully explains why you should be considered for the vacancy that you are applying for and where your skill, abilities, knowledge and experience apply to the requirements listed in the job description
  • Details of two professional references to include:
    • Full name
    • Job title
    • Full company address
    • Company contact number
    • Company email address