Career Paths in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is an exciting and innovative environment in which to build your career, whether you are a recent graduate or have several years' experience under your belt. Ever-evolving, there are a wide number of career paths available in each of its different sectors, whether you are an expert technician or a natural salesperson who excels in customer relations.

Jobs in the automotive sector

The automotive industry is an ever-expanding sector, with a wealth of career exciting opportunities. Whether you work for a car dealership or an independent garage, there are a number of different departments you could end up in, depending on your skills and experience. If you have excellent communication skills and are passionate about great customer service, then a position in Sales or might be for you. For those who are exceptionally organised, or have a background in finance, there are plenty of jobs to be found in Admin and Finance across the departments. If you have training as a technician or the skills to be a service advisor, then you could find yourself working in Parts or Aftersales. For those with leadership experience, there are multiple opportunities for a career in Management across each of the main departments.

Just starting out?
If you are just starting out on your career path, things can sometimes look overwhelming. You may feel like you don't have the right knowledge or experience to apply for some of the jobs you're interested in.

Work experience
The good news is, there are plenty of schemes available to help you up that first rung of the ladder. If you are interested in getting a taste of what a career in the automotive industry might be like, a Work Experience placement might be for you. This short placement can be taken across any of the departments, and will boost your knowledge and experience of the automotive industry.

Another option to consider would be an Apprenticeship. Training as an apprentice will equip you with the necessary skills and experience you need for a career in the automotive industry, whether this be as a technician, or in the parts or service departments, and will result in a qualification. If you prefer a hands-on style of learning, this is a great choice, as you will get to put these skills into practice in the workplace straight away.

Graduate opportunities
If you are a recent graduate, then you might want to check out any Graduate Opportunities. These immersive schemes will provide you with the skills you need to begin your career path, and may be followed up with the opportunity for management training.

Changing careers?

Thinking about a career in the automotive industry, but worried that it's too late? Don't be. There are plenty of opportunities for changing career. Job vacancies will usually specify whether they require past experience, so you will always no whether it is possible for you to apply. For those with little or no experience, trainee roles are a great option, which will provide you with the opportunity to break into the automotive industry and begin learning the necessary skills to continue your career. If you have transferable skills, such as sales experience, past experience in the motor industry, or excellent customer service abilities, then a career in the automotive industry might just be for you!