Car Salesperson Role: FAQs

Working within a car dealership as a car salesperson means embarking upon an exciting and engaging career, in which no two days are the same and you are constantly working to meet new challenges and improve the customer experience.

Sound like the right job for you? Here we answer your frequently asked questions about just what it entails:

What does a car salesperson do in their day to day role?
The day to day role of a Car Salesperson can be fast-paced and varied, consistently providing exciting new challenges and the opportunity to learn. Customer service is a large aspect of the job, and you will be expected to build a rapport with potential buyers in order to understand their requirements and provide them with the best possible experience. This will involve discussing their individual needs and presenting them with alternative options, while adapting to their buying strategy. You will build up in-depth product knowledge, answering queries with confidence and working towards excellent levels of customer satisfaction. Teamwork is also extremely important, and you will find yourself working daily with colleagues from your own and other teams in order to deliver that high quality customer service.

What are the main skills and qualities a car salesperson needs?
Just as the day to day role of a car salesperson is extremely varied, so too are the skills and qualities required. As your position is customer facing and customer focused, excellent communication skills are a must: you should enjoy working with people, and have an understanding of how best to guide a customer towards the best possible sale for them.

Teamwork is another aspect of this, but you should also be comfortable working independently and using your initiative to create an enhanced customer experience. The ability to operate competently and with confidence in a fast-paced and sometimes high-pressured environment is key, and a proactive 'can do' attitude will go a long way. Previous sales or customer service experience are usually required, as are good numeracy skills - you will be doing a lot of number work after all! As you will also be expected to keep up to date with evolving technology, IT literacy is a common ask. If you are interested in applying for a Management position, then it is important that you have demonstrable leadership experience, a sound knowledge of managing a team, and a good sense of financial awareness.

Can I apply for a car sales job with no prior experience?
While many car salesperson job adverts may specify that prior experience within a sales environment and the automotive industry are necessary, there is more than one route into working at a car dealership. If you have the relevant experience, then great! But if not, you might want to consider one of the various Graduate Opportunities or Apprenticeships on offer, which can equip you with the right skills and training to work your way up into a car sales job.

Are car sales jobs commission only?
No - as a car salesperson at Eastern Western, you will be paid a base salary before any commission is added. This salary will usually be advertised along with the job vacancy.

How much does a car salesperson make on commission?
The commission for a car salesperson can vary slightly year on year, so there is no fixed amount. However, all car salespeople at Eastern Western will make commission above their base salary, and there are a variety of other benefits included with the role. These might include the inclusion of a company car, staff discount on new and used car purchases and services, and generous discount schemes.