Thinking about changing career?

Past experience isn't always necessary. We always confirm in our vacancy advertisements if we're happy to look at someone with no experience, with transferable skills or if we need an experienced member of staff.

There's method in our madness - sometimes if we've brought in a few trainees already, we need someone with a few years' experience under their belt to keep the business going while our trainees get up to scratch. Before long they'll be on their feet and we start all over again!

I have no experience - where do I start?

You would definitely be more suited to a trainee role. This means you can work on building up those skills and experience without having any targets looming over you. Be it you're coming in to Sales, Service, Admin or Parts, we all have targets to work towards and entering the company as a Trainee gives you the time you need to learn before you get really stuck in. We'll also provide additional support, training and guidance so that you feel 100% comfortable that you're able to stand on your own 2 feet before we let you go for it.