Graduate Opportunities with Eastern Western

Our Graduate intake programme helps set great graduates up for a career path for life, and equip them with many skills that are vital for success in the workplace.

What we like to see is graduates joining the business in the sales department but opportunities are available across the business. We want you to work to get to the top of your game, gearing you up to go a long way in our business. And they'll do it in no time at all. Learning the ropes and culture of the Organisation. What we guarantee the graduate is a place on our Sales MAP Programme (Management Acceleration Pathway) assessment centre.

Once you have been immersed in the sales department for around 12/18 months, we will put you forward for the assessment centre to enter the programme, if you pass the quality Line then you will join the formal MAP programme providing an industry lead suite of training for future Sales Managers. We hope to challenge all of those on the scheme in a comfortable environment, helping them to meet their full potential. This scheme shows the graduate how to embrace early responsibility, what it means to be entrepreneurial, and what it feels like to make great things happen - for colleagues, for customers, and for themselves.

During the first 12/18 months, the graduate will be paid the same as a fully-fledged Sales Executive and will of course have their own franchise company car. What more could they want, great pay and facilities, fantastic manufacturer training and that chance to work with some of the best products in the world. More importantly, if they love their role in sales, then there is no pressure to complete the MAP assessment centre, we would be delighted either way for them to stay doing what they lover or to move onto the MAP programme - either way, in our eyes they would be a success.