My Luxury Handover Experience At Mercedes-Benz of Edinburgh East

On Monday 8th April, I embarked on a journey to Western Mercedes-Benz of Edinburgh East Fort Kinnaird to collect my eagerly awaited CLA Coupe 180 AMG Line Executive. Nestled in the heart of Scotland, Western Mercedes-Benz boasts four dealerships across the country, ensuring convenience for customers far and wide.

From the moment I stepped through the doors, I was met with warm hospitality from the staff. The expansive, open-plan showroom showcased the latest models in all their glory, sparking excitement for what lay ahead.

Before diving into the main event, I indulged in a delightful cup of coffee at the Silver Arrow Lounge Cafe, a tranquil oasis within the dealership where one can unwind or catch up on tasks while surrounded by the luxury of Mercedes-Benz. At the corner of my eye, I had also spotted the official Mercedes-Benz merchandising section of the showroom, which of course I had to explore. From stylish hats to premium clothing and accessories, it was a Mercedes enthusiast's dream.

I was then introduced to Lewis, the Star Expert, who would be guiding me through this unforgettable experience. His attention to detail and personalised approach left a lasting impression. As we made our way to the handover bay, anticipation reached its peak. Imagine my delight when I laid eyes on my gleaming new car, adorned with a plaque bearing my name - a gesture that epitomised the dedication of the team at Western Mercedes-Benz.