Experiencing The Honda e:Ny1 For 24 Hours

As part of our Living with Electric campaign, our Social Media Manager, Melissa Ball, recently took the e:Ny1 for a 24-hour test drive. Read about her experience below.

I recently had the privilege of taking the Honda e:Ny1 for a 24-hour test drive and experiencing what it is truly like to live with electric. Initially, as someone who is accustomed to driving a hatchback, I was slightly apprehensive about transitioning to the SUV. However, those concerns quickly faded as I grew to love the spaciousness and safety features of the e:Ny1.

One of the highlights of my test drive was taking the e:Ny1 to the gym. As someone who trains regularly, parking in the tight spaces at my gym is a daily occurrence. However, thanks to the Honda Parking Pilot, parking was a stress-free experience. The car effortlessly manoeuvred into the spot with zero assistance, parking itself perfectly. It was a truly impressive demonstration of the e:Ny1's advanced technology.

Although there was no need for me to charge the e:Ny1 in my 24-hour test drive, due to the generous 256-mile (WLTP) range, there are multiple EV chargers in and around my gym, meaning charging the e:Ny1 would conveniently fit into my day-to-day routine.

Throughout my journey, I found myself continuously impressed by the e:Ny1's thoughtful features. The panoramic glass roof and heated leather steering wheel were two stand-out features. I'm struggling to adapt back to not having them!

As a Social Media Manager, having my phone charged is a non-negotiable, which is why the wireless phone charger quickly became my go-to feature. This meant I could conveniently and effortlessly keep my phone charged on the go, with no cables getting in my way. Thanks to the Apple CarPlay, I was also able to stay connected at all times, seamlessly integrating my smartphone with the cars infotainment system.

As someone who is used to driving a petrol, the power and performance of the e:Ny1 was unlike anything I have experienced. Its electric motor delivered instant torque and silent acceleration that left me in awe. The regenerative braking system also helped top up the battery and extend its electric range.

Overall, the e:Ny1 exceeded all my expectations. Its cutting-edge design, impressive performance and eco-friendly credentials make it a stand-out choice for drivers who demand the best of both worlds.