The Ogilvie Fleet Team Join Us At Western Commercial

Eastern Western Leasing recently hosted an exclusive event aimed at showcasing the latest range of commercial and passenger car vehicles from our renowned brands such as Western Commercial, Western Maxus, Western Toyota, Western Volkswagen Van Centre, and Western Nissan. The event provided an opportunity for funding partners to view and test drive these cutting-edge vehicles while building valuable connections with Eastern Western's team.

Gavin Holmes, Group Corporate Manager and the event's organiser, emphasised the significance of such gatherings in Eastern Western Leasing's vision to expand corporate business across the group and strengthen relationships with funding partners. "These events are key in our vision to grow corporate business throughout the group and key to building relationships with our funding partners," said Holmes.

Western Commercial, renowned for its comprehensive range of commercial vehicles, offers a diverse lineup of vans to meet various business needs. Renowned for its versatility and reliability, the Sprinter embodies cutting-edge technology and advanced safety features, delivering exceptional performance and peace of mind for business owners.Western Commercial's Mercedes-Benz vans are trusted by businesses across many different industries.

Western Maxus's commitment to pioneering electric vehicles is exemplified by models like the Maxus E Deliver 3 van, placing the brand at the forefront of sustainable transport solutions. With a lineup comprising of both electric and ICE vans, Maxus prioritises emission reduction and operational efficiency while maintaining top-notch performance standards. Their dedication to environmental responsibility has earned accolades and recognition within the industry, solidifying their position as leaders in sustainable transportation.