Something we’ve became very aware of over the last 90 years is that everything changes eventually. Our products have certainly come a long way! Just imagine telling our very first sales executive that in 90 years’ time, BMW will be producing a car that can park itself! Or even just that every car will come with the option to have a touch screen, cassettes and CD’s are a thing of the past and you can plug a broken-down car into a diagnostic machine and it’ll simply tell you what/where the problem is.

And all of these changes mean we need to constantly update our Service Technicians and Sales Executives, just so they know what they’re fixing and selling! It’s not only the cars that have had glam makeovers – systems, computers, everything right down to the furniture is updated regularly. We’re never going to go out of style.

Our Dealerships

We’re not going anywhere. Business growth has been huge over the last few years – we opened our giant Nissan and Mazda dealership in August 2016. Car Deal Warehouse opened its doors to the public a few months later in May 2017 and Grassicks of Perth came on board in August 2017– we’re only going to get bigger with our latest addition (Mercedes-Benz of Edinburgh East) set to be completed in early 2018.

Our Structure

We have 4 different departments; Admin, Sales, Parts and Service. Each of these departments have a manager. Each of our dealerships usually has a General Manager or a Branch Manager that oversee the running of the whole dealership. Since a lot of our brands have more than 1 dealership, we then have a “Franchise Principal” or “Dealer Principal” that runs that particular franchise… so the structure looks something like this:

Franchise / Dealer Principal
Branch / General Manager
Service Manager
Parts Manager
Sales Manager
Admin Manager
Service Advisor / Technicians
Parts Advisors
Sales Executives / Sales Admins
Accounts Assistants