Understandably, all of our departments serve a different function within the organisation, so the training we provide differs from job to job. There wouldn’t be much use in sending an Accounts Assistant on a Selling Service Products course, much like there wouldn’t be much use in sending a Service Advisor on an accounts course. So everything ultimately ties back to your role.

HR Induction & Training Coordinator

Heather Calder
Working as part of the HR team, I am the first point of contact for training and support enquiries as new starts enter the business. We believe the first 100 days of employment are critical and contribute to the success of all our new starts in the business. As the Induction Coordinator, I am responsible for ensuring that all inductions into our business are positive, professional and are well organised. I also check-in at regular intervals during our probationers first 6 months of employment making sure full support and training is given throughout the early stages. You will there for, see me out and about our dealerships

MAP Training Programmes

Management Acceleration Pathway
Sales Executives only! This programme is about preparing our Sales Executives that are aspiring to management. It’s a pretty exclusive club as our existing managers have to decide who gets to attend – so you have to be prepared to work hard for it!

In this programme we provide practical, engaging and effect development training, making sure that our MAP Cadets have all the skills they need to really shine throughout their future careers. This is a very comprehensive course which takes over a year to complete, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

LEAF Training Prgramme

Leading Effectively And Fluently
This programme is for existing managers and ends is a Level 3 Certificate, awarded by the ILM (the Institute of Leadership Management) in Leadership and Management.

This programme is all about developing a massive range of management and leadership skills. Our managers need to be on their toes, making sure their staff are engaged and motivated in their own roles!